The key to understand digestion is to understand that in the end, the real living creatures you are feeding are your body cells and a range of bacteria inside your body.

There is a reason why living foods such as Sauerkraut are some of the best foods you can eat. They are made using an environment that is the most compatible with your body.

Compare the 5 essential components of life between your body and Sauerkraut (lactofermented cabbage).

Sauerkraut is a way to grow friendly lactobacillus, one of the best bacteria you can have in your body since it’s responsible for about 80% of your immune system.

To make sauerkraut you need water, sea salt (minerals), high 90’s °F temperature (mid 30’s °C), slightly alkaline pH, and enzymes.

First thing to note, high 90’s °F temperature. It is no coincidence that your body temperature should be around 97.3 °F (36 °C) and that 97.3 °F (36 °C) happens to be the best temperature to grow lactobacillus. It is true for your body as it is true for making sauerkraut or fermenting beer with lactobacillus.

The lactobacillus will create enzymes to digest cabbage. If you were to eat the cabbage raw, it would have to go through fermentation in your intestines. By eating it lacto-fermented, you are eating pre-digested food which is simply taking in the nutrients in a form that will reach your body cells much faster.

Most of the foods I’ve incorporated into my lifestyle are foods that meet this criteria. Easy foods to digest that make it to my body cells faster.

This is a good way to stop feeding bad bacteria inside of you and increase the ratio of good VS bad bacteria. Not to mention, you avoid fermenting food inside of you which creates gas and makes you fart.

Lactobacillus bacteria need a slightly acidic pH to grow, but as they grow they create lactic acid, which is very acid. That doesn’t mean your body is becoming acid, it just means that your friendly bacteria are creating an environment where they and other friendly creatures can live.

It’s like sour beers fermented with both lactobacillus and brewer’s yeast.

When you understand that it’s the environment inside of your body that’s allowing bugs to grow, you can begin to do things that will change the environment of your body.
If you leave a piece of steak sitting over a few days, it’s only a matter of time before worms start to grow and perhaps you start seeing cockroaches lurking around your house.

The main reason why I don’t eat much meat (or any) at all is because if my body can’t break it down fast enough, it’s only a matter of time before worms and parasites begin to grow inside my body. This has nothing to do with being vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian or whatever classification you want to slot people in.

This simply has to do with understanding that different foods create different environments inside your body. That environment dictates what kind of gut flora you have and what else lives inside your body.

What lives inside your body, has an effect on your health and the performance of your brain! That’s what the Beer Diet Project is all about. Treating your body like a huge fermentor and changing the contents inside it so that you grow only the best and most friendly bacteria that will give you health and make you smarter!

You can’t however just jump into these kinds of foods and forget all bad foods. You need to transition.

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