The hardest part about making a transition from the Standard American Diet to Heirloom foods or living foods is that you’ll be pissing off bad bacteria and parasites.

I mentioned in the opening chapter that people in the Standard American Diet are literally and respectfully dumber than ever. Their behavior is mind boggling, but it’s actually not suprising when you understand how parasites and other bad bacteria work.

There are parasites who are completely happy simply living off their host just like friendly bacteria. There are however some which “control” their host through poisons and other neuro-chemicals.

My favorite story of this is the mouse and cat.

As Tom & Jerry taught us, cats and rodents don’t get along. When a mouse smells a cat or cat pee it hides or runs away like it’s life depended on it, then again it does.

If the parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii makes its way into the mouse, then something interesting happens. The parasite needs to make its way into a cat so it can complete its life cycle.

To do that, it must “control” its current host, the mouse. It makes the mouse lose its instinctual fear for cats. Worse, it makes cat pee sexually attractive to the mouse which increases the chances of the mouse becoming cat food and for good ole Gondii to end up inside the cat and complete its lifecycle.

Just like the mouse does something as stupid as expose itself to the cat, humans behave irrationally when they are filled with parasites.

“I didn’t want to eat that last one” Ever heard someone regret eating that extra donut hole? That extra slice of pizza? That last candy?

They knew it wouldn’t be the best decision, but they couldn’t control themselves. Those cravings are the vast range of bacteria living inside you asking you to feed them.

When you begin to transition from foods that feed these kind of bacteria to foods that feed good bacteria, you WILL get cravings. It is NOT easy to transition.

I believe this is important to know and understand because it’s easy to give up and go back to foods that you “think” taste good and that don’t kill you, at least not instantly.

When I started to transition, I got cravings. I ate pizza, burgers and other food I knew wasn’t the best for me. Over time, however, as I cleaned my body and detoxed, I found that I didn’t get as many cravings for these foods and actually started to crave foods closer to the right side of the spectrum.


That was in part because I not only ate more foods from the righ side, but I did what I could to remove bad bacteria from my body and fed my body good bacteria. I’ll go into more detail how this worked in the appendix “My Protocol”.

It’s also important to know that the foods you are eating are being digested by the bacteria that’s already living inside of you. Bacteria from the left side don’t like and many times won’t eat foods that bacteria from the right side like to eat.

If you try to go from eating mostly meats to eating mostly vegetables, your body may not be able to get any nutrients out of the vegetables because it may lack the bacteria needed to digest them. That’s why transitioning is not a matter of changing the types of food you eat. Transitioning is a matter of changing the environment inside your body and changing the type of bacteria that lives inside of you.

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