Before I started researching Hypothyroidism I was learning about “electric foods”, and I stumbled upon this video. This has really opened my eyes and gave me hope that your body can indeed regenerate itself. I figured if my thyroid wasn’t working, then I could get it to regenerate itself and get a “new” one. You’ll have to watch to understand what I mean… You can fast forward to Minute 2:29 where the good stuff begins

In the beginning he talks about bacteria and how the enzymes from bacteria affect the body and make us toxic. It also explains autoimmune diseases as is the case with Hypothyroidism (especially Hashimoto’s)…

If you’ve ever watched my video on my Hypothyroidism Diet overview, this is exactly why I focused on restructuring my gut flora (friendly gut bacteria). Second to that, I focused a great deal on hydrating the body, which involves giving the body ALL the minerals it needs! Minerals being ionic minerals or electrolytes.


Body voltage!

When you understand these two concepts, you’ll realize why so many people struggle and why so many people are hypothyroid (many who don’t even know about it).

Our food system is broken. We get no minerals in our foods. We do not eat live foods that either feed, contain or help grow friendly bacteria in our bodies.

There is a lot of information about food. If you have hypothyroidism, you’ll need more than information. You’ll need to surround yourself with a great support group like Hypothyroidism Success Story… belief and habits will help you change your diet and learn what a real Healthy Diet looks like.

Most people I talk to say they eat healthy or that they don’t eat that bad, but the problem is they don’t know what real food is or where does it come from.

This is why I focused on understanding how the body works and making sure it worked properly. This is not just about hypothryroidism. Our entire country is suffering from lack of nutrients in foods, dehydration and too many chemicals and additives with long-term effects in our bodies that we simply don’t know.

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