Most people I talk to say they eat “healthy”… a few will be honest and say they don’t eat the best… sadly, most people I know do not eat healthy regardless of what they think because they are greatly misinformed about what healthy is.

It took me a long time to figure this out even though the difference is simple… watch this video:

Minerals are everything!

This had been in front of me the whole time, but it took multiple perspectives to finally understand that food with minerals is what we need. Most food sold at stores (including the so called “health food stores”) lacks minerals…

Most of us don’ have equipment to be able to tell whether or not we’re eating minerals or not, but as Dr Cassar shows in the video, the end result is either health or disease in our bodies.

The first time I learned about minerals was when I was brewing beer. Without minerals, I couldn’t brew beer (mash grains or ferment the beer).

The second time I noticed this was when I was making sauerkraut. A key ingredient was sea salt because of the minerals.

This is the reason why my diet now consists mostly of Living Foods now because in order to make cultured or living foods you need minerals and you’re also eating probiotics which is what actually keeps us healthy.

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