Base Recipe:

1/4 to 1/3 Cup of steel cut oatmeal
1/4 cup amaranth seeds
1 tbsp Extra virgin Coconut oil (centrifuge or cold pressed)
1 tbsp Honey (unpasteurized and preferably local)

1 Burro banana
Juice from 2 oranges or tangerines (seeded)

The most important part about this recipe is making sure that you soak the oatmeal overnight (12-18 hours) with a little sea salt (I don’t measure, just do a couple dashes which would be like 1/8 tsp). That is going to make sure that the oatmeal soaks up water and minerals outside of your body so it doesn’t soak up water and minerals inside of your body.

I strain the water and discard it, and use a strainer to rinse the oatmeal so it doesn’t make the smoothie taste salty. Then I simply blend and enjoy.

There are variations to this, where I would substitute the orange for things like blueberries, straberries and other kind of berries or choose a fruit of your choice.

There are three fruits which you can mix with just about everything which are apples, banana and pineapple… other than those you want to try to stay within the category, like only berries or only mangoes. Melons are one type of fruit which you are not supposed to mix. I have yet to do the full research, but I know it’s folk knowledge which I’ll be figuring out at some point, but for now, I don’t mix melons…

It’s important to make sure that the fruits you use are not filled with pesticides or any of that junk. That kills ALL bacteria and you don’t want to kill your good friendly bacteria. Fruit that grows in places where it’s supposed to will be seeded. Seeds are like the glands of fruit and what makes it fertile. They say you are what you eat and if you eat seedless fruit that can’t reproduce itself well, I don’t know if that will make you “Seedless”. I won’t take the chance, you do as you wish 🙂

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