Gluten and Gut Health

When my hypothyroidism was at its peak, one of the things that I struggled with most was digesting food and not feeling awful after eating even if it was just a salad!!

Somedays I’d feel a piercing pain in my stomach and other days I’d feel my stomach bubble and build up so much gas the pressure would hurt!!

I used to describe it as if I had a hole in my stomach before I even heard the term leaky gut and before I learned about the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

This is when I first started to realize that health really does start in the gut. I read the book Clean by Alejandro Jurgen and I began to focus all of my energy and efforts in cleaning up my gut and restructuring my gut flora.

I realized that my body was not even uptaking nutrients because my gut was too toxic and didn’t have the right gut flora which really didn’t help my hypothyroidism. This was step one, but it’s the reason why I focused so much on probiotics, juicing and intermittent fasting as Alejandro talks about in the video above.

Once I started to learn more about how the body works, I realized the importance of diet and started to learn more about cooking foods that would promote gut health. Some people call this traditional cooking where we go back to traditional or old ways of doing things.

I think that’s been my problem. I grew up in a city disconnected from traditions that I was quite surprised to learn that a condiment like ketchup used to be a lacto-fermented food… instead I grew up thinking it was tomatoes in vinegar and lots of sugar, haha.

I grew up thinking that eating pasteurized milk yogurt was healthy, but now I realize that what makes it healthy is the probiotics and those cannot be pasteurized!

I’ve literally had to reprogram my mind when it comes to food and nutrition and I can now say that it all starts in your gut.

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    • Celeste Cordeiro

      Hello Jorge,

      First I would love to thank you for your helpful emails you have been sending me. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, but have been off my thyroid meds it will be a year in May, but my blood work is not good at all.

      I starting Juicing two months ago and do this everyday. My juice consists of Kale, Bok Choy carrots and a banana for taste. But my thyroid is not changing.

      I would like you to help me with cleansing my gut. Could you please tell me what I need to do, today I am fasting and have not eaten at all, just my Kale juice and water. Could you please email me exactly what to drink to cleanse my intestines.

      God Bless you!

      • jorgitoz

        Hi Celeste!!

        Fasting and juicing goes a long ways. There were many things I did, though those were the primary ones. I personally used a good amount of ginger in my juices because that helps cleaning your gut.

        I also use oxypowder every now and then. Especially when I don’t juice or fast for a while, it helps me get back on track.

        Lemon cayenne pepper based drinks and kombucha were also good drinks I incorporated into my diet.

        Hope that helps!

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