Have you ever heard that the rods and cones of your eyes are about 48 hours old?

Your skin is about 6 weeks old…

Your bones are about 1 year old…

Your liver is about 8 weeks old…

When I first heard that your body regenerates itself, I wanted to know how exactly does that happen… What does the body need in order to regenerate??


Here’s a video that shows you what minerals do for your body growth and regeneration:

So when people ask me what type of foods I eat, I don’t think in terms of carbs, protein or fats… but rather, does the food have the minerals my body needs?? does it give it life??

I hope this is a big wake up call, that the food you are eating probably does NOT have the nutrients you need…

Does your food have conductivity? does it have the minerals your body needs in order to regenerate itself??

How do you know? Here’s a video that shows you how you can test your food:

Now you can see why I put a lot of emphasis on juicing for minerals, Probiotics (living foods), and fasting to help restructure your gut flora and speed up the regeneration process.

I can’t promise your body will regenerate a thyroid, but I can assure you it won’t do it unless you give your body the raw materials it needs in order to grow and regenerate!

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