pH-Scale-mV-just-pathTo better understand oxidation let’s go back to the graph showing what happens as your body becomes acid, except rather than referring to this in pH terms we are going to look at it in electrical terms.

Don’t worry it’s the same, it just gives us a better perspective. Literally, acidity and alkalinity are both measuring voltage.

The same pH scale from zero to fourteen has an equivalent to voltage terms. In voltage terms, you go from roughly Positive (+)400 mV to Negative (-)400mV. That is the same as pH going from zero to fourteen.

So when you say that your body’s pH is alkaline (~7.35-7.45) what you are saying is that your body is electric at (-)25 to (-)35mV – note the negative polarity.

To understand oxidation and why an apple turns brown, imagine this apple as a chain where every link has a positive and a negative charge and they are perfectly balanced.


When this apple is cut in half and left sitting, imagine one link losing a negative charge leaving it positively charged. This new positively charged link is now what we call a free radical and it’s in search of an electron to re-establish its balance.


pH-Scale-mV-just-pathKeep the pH/voltage graph in mind and notice that positively charged substances have an acid pH. They are on the left side of the graph.

They are electron stealers.

So this new link that just lost an electron and became a free radical is now going to steal a negative charge or electron from its neighbor turning it into another free radical

This is the beginning of the oxidation process. Even though the first free radical re-established its balance it’s already been oxidized.


The new free radical will steal an electron from the next, but like the first one, it will be too late. This is how oxidation starts to grow and spoils things. Oxidation is the little brown dot on an apple that starts to grow until the entire apple turns brown and rots.

The same thing happens to your body.

Free radicals (poisons, toxins, etc.) that make their way to the fluid surrounding your body cells will start this oxidation process. If your body is able to stop that process, then your body will be able to regenerate itself. If your body can do that year over year, then you my friend hold the key to the fountain of youth.

Unlike the apple, your body has the ability to regenerate itself.

If your body however is unable to stop that process then you will begin to age, wrinkle up and rot just like an apple does when cut open.

Think about this for a second… before we were saying, if your body becomes acid, if it goes below 7.35 pH then the first thing that happens is that you feel low energy.

Compare that statement replacing the term acid with voltage. If your body loses voltage, if it goes below -25mV then the first thing that happens is that you feel low energy.

In other words, your body is essentially a battery. Just like a battery with voltage, as it loses that voltage it loses energy.

This perspective of voltage vs pH is what’s going to help you discern good from bad information… but if you really want to understand nutrition you’ll have to go even one step further…

As Leonardo DaVinci would’ve done, he’d looked at things from three different perspectives…

So far we’ve looked at this in terms of pH and Voltage, but now we have to look at conductivity…

Many people are ‘lost’ in the pH side of the diet. They want to be alkaline, but alkalinity is only part of the equation and to get closer to the fountain of youth we need the full formula.

See the thing about voltage is that by itself it does you no good. You need to be able to move that voltage in order to use it.

A battery by itself does nothing more than store energy. The battery does nothing until a conductor of electricity connects the positive to negative in the battery and everything making contact with the conductor will be able to use the energy.

It is the conductor that moves energy around. Minerals are the conductors of the body’s energy.

It’s just like brewing beer. Ask any homebrewer the minimum requirements for good brewing water. They’ll mention proper pH, but also the right amount of minerals!

Water, temperature, pH and minerals all work together to activate enzymes! Miss one and you get nothing. That’s why these are the 5 essential components to life.

That’s why your diet needs to make sure you have minerals and vitamins. Vitamins are nothing more than Vital-Minerals.

When you look at nutrition with all of this in mind, you won’t be confused when people say you need to eat foods that make you alkaline and someone else says that lime (which is acid) will make you alkaline.

Lime has a lot of minerals and electrolytes which are conductors of electricity. Minerals are what help your body conduct electricity. That’s why lime is good for you regardless of its acidity.

If your body is 60-70% water, guess what? That water needs to conduct electricity to move voltage around. Pure water does not conduct electricity. What conducts electricity is the minerals in the water.

This is key to understanding nutrition.

When you understand conductivity, you’ll understand why conductivity in the fluid surrounding your body cells is just as important if not more important than pH. Without conductivity, brewing beer wouldn’t be possible. Without conductivity, a healthy body wouldn’t be possible.

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