Jorge-before-afterIn late 2012 weight gain became almost inevitable… at first I thought I was simply aging. I churned up the idea that my metabolism wouldn’t be the same as I approached my 30 years of age…

I could have lived with that thought, but a gut feeling was telling me something else was wrong…

Now I don’t care if there’s a study out there that says “people gain weight as they approach 30” (there probably is), but I was determined not to accept that as truth and decided I wanted to live a better, healthier lifestyle…

I searched for answers for months with little luck, but after countless hours of research I had an epiphany… it set the foundation to what you are about to learn here…

The impact it had on me was so great I literally withdrew myself from society. I stopped everything I was doing both work and personal wise and focused on this full time for the next ten months… full time meaning from dawn to dusk, 18 - 20 hour days researching and testing on myself.

I became a stranger to my closest friends, everyone… this became a very serious topic and I don’t take it lightly…

By the end of my initial research I went from 202 lbs to ~160 lbs… I say initial because a lifetime won’t be enough to discover everything there is to know so this is really just the beginning.

Now, I want to clarify that this isn’t about losing weight… it’s about living a healthier lifestyle… being lean is simply a byproduct of being healthy, but losing weight is only an indicator not the end all be all.

There are unhealthy ways to lose weight, so I must make that distinction and be clear…

So let’s set the foundation for BEER DIET PROJECT and start with my epiphany…

“The food you eat determines whether you are on top of the food chain or if you are the food chain!”

Just because you have breakfast, lunch and dinner it doesn’t mean you are properly feeding your body or that it is YOU who is really eating.

Nourishing your body and eating are not the same.

Simply feeding your body doesn’t necessarily mean you are giving your body the nutrients it needs...

It’s WHAT you feed your body that matters… but not just ‘what’ also ‘how’ you prepare what you feed your body can have an impact.

To better understand why you MAY NOT be at the top of the food chain, you have to become aware that your body is a host. Your body is a host to millions and millions of living body cells, bacteria, yeast, parasites and fungus…

Note - Some bacteria, yeast, and fungi are good and some are bad…

I can’t emphasize enough that when you eat, you are feeding your individual body cells, bacteria, yeast and fungi. It’s a whole ecosystem that makes up YOU. If you have a car, but the transmission doesn’t work, that can render the car useless for transportation. Your body acts the same way, you need to be able to make sure that all living creatures inside you are good and healthy. When one part of you goes wrong the entire system begins to fail.

The first step towards healthy living is to make sure the population of friendly flora (good, friendly bacteria, yeast and fungus) thrives inside of your body and minimize the population of bad bacteria, bad yeast, bad fungus (cancer type cells).

Your body’s organs (stomach, liver, kidneys, skin, etc.) are all made from living body cells. Friendly flora protects your body cells from pathogens. About 80% of your immune system depends on your intestinal bacteria (good bacteria.)

If good flora can’t protect your body cells, then your body cells (YOU) become food for bad bacteria and other pathogens…

The-Food-ChainA healthy person eats foods that promote the growth and well being of friendly flora or bacteria, which eats up the bad bacteria and protects you. When you increase the population of friendly gut flora you increase the strength of your immune system.

Unhealthy people tend to eat foods that promote the growth and well being of BAD bacteria, which in turn starts to eat both the good bacteria and you. That bears repeating since it should be your biggest motivator to make better food choices. Bad bacteria eats good bacteria and it eats YOU.

This was a big eye opener for me since it never occurred to me that eating ‘bad’ foods could turn my body cells (ME) into food. Most people don’t realize they are feeding bad bacteria and that their body cells are becoming food for bad bacteria. Worse, many don’t even want to admit it.

This happens in many ways and we’ll be discussing them later. For now…

Getting The Most Out of This Website

The best thing about freedom is that you get to make your own choices. The hardest part about it is taking full responsibility for the outcome.

It’s important to understand how this website was created and what your role should be, because like me you have a choice.

This website was created around one simple concept, “what you focus on expands.”

I had the choice to simply follow the path of least resistance, go to a doctor, take the prescriptions given, go through the therapy needed and be done… but there was a fundamental problem with this ‘easy’ path… through modern day medicine I wouldn’t have been cured, my symptoms would have been simply treated and controlled, and I would be just as sick if not worse.

The reason I decided to go a different route was because doctors are trained to diagnose disease and prescribe medicine. There are very few doctors who actually understand health and even less that actually project their own health.

They focus on disease. I wanted to focus on health.

I therefore decided to seek out information from people who also focus on health, and better yet, who actually project their own health.

You have a choice to believe that modern day medicine has your best interest in mind or believe that there are far better options for you. You have a choice to either take the easy path or the road less traveled.

It’s one thing if you don’t know what you need to do in order to be healthy. It’s another to actually know and still decide to not do anything about it.

If you are to go through the advice on this website, then you should take on the topic making the following commitments to yourself:

• Health is YOUR responsibility, not your doctor’s, not mine, not your friend’s or your family’s responsibility… your responsibility
• What you focus on expands. Forget any current condition, seek out how to be completely healthy top to bottom and everything else will take care of itself
• Everyone’s physiology is slightly different and when it comes to health and nutrition, things that work for one person may not work for another.
• Do SEEK out professional advice

Even though I CHOSE not to follow the advice of doctors, that doesn’t mean I didn’t consult them. Ironically I found myself being the one talking to them about how to be healthy and it was them who suggested I write a book.

I had one advantage… the epiphany I had was better health comes when you grow the population of good bacteria, yeast and fungi in your body. I had been precisely growing yeast, bacteria and fungi to make beer, kombucha, and fermented foods like sauerkraut and others.

The concepts that applied to making lacto-fermented foods, kombucha, beer, and the concepts needed to be healthier are the same. I simply began to connect the dots.

I would have never thought that learning about beer (especially sacred and herbal healing beers) would teach me more about health and nutrition than most medicine or nutrition books. That home brewing knowledge would be the best way to fight off a beer belly. That home brewing knowledge would teach me more about getting a six pack. Pun or no pun, this has been eye opening and can’t wait to share it all…

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