Here’s what you need to hydrate…

#1 – A source of clean water

#2 – Ionic magnesium w/trace minerals

#3 – Large pink Himalayan crystal stones to make SOLE salt

By completing the following 3 steps in order you will unlock the Better Sleep Challenge…

Clean Water

1 Hydrate Point

The first step of the Beer Diet Project journey is to learn how to hydrate properly. To do so, you must first understand why you need to drink clean water.


1 Hydrate Point

The next step to learn how to properly hydrate is to understand why you need minerals and how to use them…

5 Day Hydration Challenge

3 Points

If you feel you fully understand clean water and minerals, then it’s time to start your 5 Day Hydration Challenge so you can unlock the Better Sleep Challenge

1 Requirement

  • To unlock The Better Sleep Challenge you must complete all 3 steps of the 5 day hydration challenge