Hypothyroid Home Brewer Discovers Secret To Losing Weight and Getting Your Energy Back

Hypothyroidism seemed like a cruel fate dealt to me. No one understood why it was so hard for me to lose weight!

It didn't matter how much I dieted or how hard I exercised (if I even had the energy to leave the house), the scale kept going up and jeans stopped fitting.

Is Your Thyroid Keeping You Fat?

I thought eating better would help. I tried going vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo diet, gaps diet, fermented foods... you name it. I was short of just stopping eating altogether since I was still with zero energy and not fitting any clothes!

People thought I was being lazy and falling asleep at 3 pm just because I wanted to nap. Far from it!

Hypothyroidism is very frustrating and no one can imagine what it is like until they experience it themselves...

Being unable to lose weight no matter what I tried and looking horrible in pictures was just the beginning...

How to Lose Your Hypothyroid Weight

In 2012 my symptoms began to worsen... my skin began to get really dry, my body and especially my hands were really cold, and I remember being in the shower and watching my hair all over the place! Literally falling off my head!!

Personally, I just wanted my life back... I began to get depressed and moody... I was just losing hope.

Everything changed when I came across a doctor who explained hypothyroid in a way I had seen and understood from brewing beer... since then I've been able to get my life back and I'd like to share with you what I did...