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Since June I lost 10kg I feel great and my hair and nails started to grow I'm not tired I have so much energy and august I went to check my thyriod the doctor was so amazed and asked me what happened? I told I'm what I did and he is simply stunned he said there is no traces of any thyriod issues its like I have a brand new thyriod and I went off my meds untill today I'm still on this diet made it my lifestyle and I'm so grateful to feel normal

Loune V

Hi Jorge... Am so inspired by your story, your reflections and information are great. Like many of us, each in our own area, You are pioneering the way out of very old programmation. I am feeling overwhelmed, as I know I must be slow and loving and patient to change my diet around. I am eager to learn ,,,, step by step...

Lisa H, Victoria B.C.