How to add fun and variation to your diet

In this video we go over the core structure of your diet that needs to be in place and how you can add variation to your diet

The most important part of your diet to get energy and burn fat is to "activate" your mitochondria...

This is done with a full nutrient spectrum including CoEnzyme Q10

Core diet structure for a plant based diet

Hydration + plant based D3 + bluegreen algae + coenzyme Q10

Core diet structure for an animal based diet

Hydration + fermented cod liver oil & butter oil + beef organs

Your diet should focus primarily on healthy fats, both plant based and animal based...

Variation in diet comes from tweaking everything else: carbs, proteins, and food variety.

When it comes to food variety there are two rules to remember.

Eat the color spectrum

red, orange, yellow, greens, aqua marine, blue & purple

Eat whole foods

Nose to tail and root to fruit

To get the products you need refer back to the Energy Jumpstart guide

Download our diet design cheat sheet

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