3 Steps To Design a Diet For Energy & Fat Loss

In this video I break down the top 3 things you must prioritize in your diet for energy & fat loss...

#1 Hydration

#2 Sleep

#3 Nourishment

Mineralized Water Recipe for hydration

1 Quart (Liter) clean water

2 mL Ionic Magnesium

4 mL SOLE salt

Your assignment for this week is to start your food journal...

Focus on tracking your hydration...

How much water are you drinking?

Is your water mineralized?

Track it...

That's it...

This is the first piece of the puzzle... next week we're going to continue building the structure of your diet and by the end of this program you'll be able to see the full picture...

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Bonus Videos

How much water should I drink?

How to mineralize your water

How to make SOLE salt

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