Best Food For Thyroid

avocado smoothie

Doctors should not tell hypothyroid patients that it is a forever thing… They should say “my ability to help you or the extent of my knowledge to help you has ended. You must now go explore” … and that’s exactly what I did. I became a fanatic student of health as I battled with my…

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Hypothyroidism Diet Overview

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An Understanding of How The Body Works – Dr Jerry Tennant

Before I started researching Hypothyroidism I was learning about “electric foods”, and I stumbled upon this video. This has really opened my eyes and gave me hope that your body can indeed regenerate itself. I figured if my thyroid wasn’t working, then I could get it to regenerate itself and get a “new” one. You’ll…

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Herbs to Use for Hypothyroidism


Many people have asked me about different herbs and supplements that I take for hypothyroidism. Truth is, I’ve tried a lot, which I think have helped me tremendously. One thing to keep in mind is that there are many different causes for hypothyroidism. For some it’s congenital. For others it could be stressed adrenals or…

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Lacto Fermentation – Fermented Vegetables (Pickles, Sauerkraut, etc.)


One of the things that helped me understand health and nutrition was my understanding of fermentation. It started when I began to brew beer, but really expanded when I understood that our bodies rely on fermentation from GOOD bacteria (probiotics) for proper food digestion and health. Fermentation is the way bacteria breaks down and digests…

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Why Beer Diet Project?

Some people get the wrong idea about this website, especially because of the name Beer Diet Project… since this is not about drinking beer per se, I want to share with you WHY I chose this name… When I hit my all time heavy weight of 202 lbs (which I know many people may think…

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Eating Doesn’t Equal Nourishing

To understand health and nutrition you have to understand the difference between eating and nourishing. Nourishing means giving your body what it needs for life, health and growth. Eating will either nourish your body or steal nutrients from your body. Most people are not even aware that their food can actually steal nutrients from their…

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Food Does Not Equal Nutrients

Food can have nutrients, but not all food has nutrients. You must be able to make that distinction between food and nutrients. If what you focus on expands, then begin to look for nutrients rather than just food. To make better food choices you must look at four things: 1. How easy is it to…

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The Nutrients Needed For Health

If you want to reach the goal of being healthy you must use tools that act like a compass not tools that act like a watch. It’s better to head in the right direction (even if it’s slow) than to head nowhere fast… Most people want to learn how to lose weight fast, or what…

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Don’t Fall Prey To Food Label Marketing

At age 19 I stepped foot onboard the submarine USS Henry M Jackson (SSBN 730). It was the beginning of my “real life” time in the US Navy after completing submarine school and sonar technician “A” school. To become part of the crew the first thing I needed to learn was how to survive onboard…

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